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September 29, 2008

What is myxstuff all about?

What does myxstuff means to you? why is it spelled as myxstuff instead of mixed stuff. Uhmm well, i just find it cool and unique at the same time.Google might even find it hard to index my blog site but with our technology and with your help (visitors) this will help myxstuff on the list not really aiming for number one.

Basically Myxstuff would like to be part of someone's life who find my post relevant and applicable to whatever aspect it may help you best.This site is to blog all kinds of stuff that im into,also i want you to be entertain to some videos that i personally take and upload.
So please have and let me know if theres something i can help you with (anything)by leaving a message on chatters corner or by posting a comment.

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