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September 21, 2008

Lets go Videoke @ K1 KTV Bar

I just want to share with you about my experienced in K1 Family & KTV bar located at Banilad Crossroads Cebu City. I guess many of you had gone to this place.
September 17, 2008 (after my work) when a friend of mine told me to try K1 KTV bar for a change because usually if both of us are together we end up finding restaurant where we can eat or shall I say food freak kindda person.
Restaurant hopping is not my kind of thing, but my friend Zen is quite good at that. Ask her and she knew a lot of really nice fancy restaurants here in Cebu on top of that she’s a good cook and that is one advantage of being a food freak( she watch and she hops).
Anyway back to my topic K1, I used to pass this place before and till now but I never get the chance to get in there. So what happened was that we arrive there around 5:45 in the afternoon, I dunno if were lucky or zen knew it already that there’s a promo from 5:00pm – 8:00pm customers at K1 will be able to avail that 250 peso promo per hour and the whole amount is consumable. Meaning to say the 250 pesos which is normally the hourly rate for using their KTV bar will be good as free and that you can order food and drinks that would also reach 250 but if you order more than 250 then that’s up to you already. Beyond 8:00 pm the regular rate will apply and that is 250 pesos for using the KTV bar plus another payment for the food and drinks that you order.
It was clean, spacious, air conditioned, odorless KTV bar. Why I say odorless because some KTV bar that I had visited is not really well ventilated, not so clean and worst is that you can still smell the smoke of a cigarette.
The funny thing here is their quite big remote control (its like shoe size 9-10), at first I was really laughing and find it difficult but we learned later on, everything from making food orders, asking assistance from the attendant if you don’t know something, choosing a song you just press the shoe size remote control and right away the attendant will be knocking on your room.
It is how K1 KTV bar work's for their customers. One last thing they will take a picture while you are singing ( for free ) as a souvenir but you have the option to say NO if you don’t want too.

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