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September 15, 2008


I was employed until early this year that I decided to resign from my post. Reminiscing the times that I was still employed, well my first six months was actually a battle of adjustments since that was my first job after getting my license in social work.
The office wasn’t new to me at all because I took my practicum under the same office, but the people and the dynamics in working under the government is totally new and seems like frustrating and at the same time a lot of lessons to learn for a neophyte.
I tried to go with the flow on how the government system works, to be at my best professional behavior in getting along with the people at work, I did my best in almost everything but I guess my best wasn’t enough( sounds familiar).
As time goes by, I felt that something deep inside is troubling me and what’s worst is that it’s progressing. I do not know if I was too serious with my job that I can really feel the burden and how affected I am when I get scolded for the fault that was not mine, for doing all I can in order for my client’s family to be at least well, or maybe because I find the law (R.A. 9344) opposite to my conviction and some principles in life.
I’m basically the kind of person who will give my best to what I am task to do, but just like anybody else I admit I do had shortcomings in some things and needs to be corrected in order for me to deliver service effectively and efficiently. I’m a neophyte and needs to learn more but please …. respect and deal me in a professional way that you yourself don’t want to feel how I feel especially at work.
Feeling unhealthy and unproductive at work plus personal problems made me resigned from my post as my last recourse. So I thought everything ends up there already, Absolutely NOT, (check this out) even if I’m no longer connected with the office I’m working with, I still hear rumors and stories which speaks nothing but the lie. In this case I did not entertain whatever feedbacks I got out from my resignation because I don’t want to be affected and be stress again. Not anymore.. I had enough.
Next of the story was being BUM which means for like five months no work, during those times I enjoyed it very much, you know why? It’s because I was less stress and I’m the boss of my time. I did my own thing which I’m passionate about… its making a trip outside the Philippines for the first time (Thailand).
I was also able to spend time with my family, especially I was there prior to the birthday of my supermom which is very unlikely of me for the past eight years because I was also busy before being a student till I get a job. So it was a great time indeed.
The not so good side of being bum is that your penniless, sure enough I had no income, but still I survive. I just like to note down here that after a month from my resignation I start eyeing for a job still in line with my profession and luckily around three agencies wants to hire me, but I reject it because for a fact that my status was being recalled from the office where i resigned so I waited my government job for five months and here I Come…. I’m already here now with a new assignment and should i say a better fighter,by saying that I’m kinda like prepared and knows how to go with the people at work this time.

Good luck to me!

Question? What kind of government system do we have here in the Philippines and to be more specific here in Cebu. Are you contented with the programs and services they give to people like us? Any opinion?

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