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September 24, 2008

Be entertain with Hawaiian Luau of Plantation Bay

Cebu The Queen City of the South” known for nice beaches with complete high tech amenities and great customer service.
For tourist and locals you do have a lot of choices on where to stay.

Things to do;
o Do the inquiry; google search if you don’t know the website, if found, check and explore the website and try to note down the important details such as contact number, who to talk to, rates, and stuff like that.
o Confirm; after checking the site and find it okay then have it book online, other way of booking is through telephone calls. For online booking don’t ya ever forget to confirm your booking or reservation so it won’t be given to other people.
o Make your plan; now that booking is confirmed make your plan like what to bring (ready all the credit cardsJ), where to go.
o Travel light; travel light always, just bring what is important when you travel. Don’t forget to bring a small kit for your medicine if you’re taking some, like maintenance. At the hotel / beach always keep your personal belongings safe.

One of the amazing beach resort in CEBU is Plantation Bay;

Truly international: Opened in late 1996, Plantation Bay has already had over half a million visitors from every corner of the globe. Virtually all of them agree that this is one of the best resorts they've ever been to. Experienced travelers in particular will feel right at home at Plantation Bay. English is spoken throughout the resort; we also have Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Spanish-speaking staff members.

Be entertain with the “ Hawai-an Luau" of Plantation Bay. (for more vedios of Hawaiian Luau pls click here(
This international resort hotel is ideal for vacation and or any occasion. For more information about Plantation Bay, please click the link or copy paste it to another browser. (

Enjoy your stay!

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