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September 16, 2008

Wny war Why not Peace ! Meme na Mindanao

Lately, we've heared the news about the attacked of Morro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to different cities, town and municipalities in Mindanao. I then remembered the time wayback elementary years, our school was being attacked while we are having our class, that attacked of an unknown group of men with a gun and a mask on their face (like bandits)was one of the unforgettable event of my life especially the feeling I and my classmates had. Shortly after that incident, Dipolog City was also on red alert, check points was being set up to some posible areas where terorist can get a way to our small city. But by gods grace no bombings really happen at the heart of the city only in Ipil which is now part of Zamboanga Sibugay.
This war between Christians and muslims is one thing i would like to put end since i am from mindanao too (but im not god) and it's not easy to negotiate with muslims. Personally im confused where to buy a house of our own, me and my sister decided to avail the housing loan of Pag-ibig and we decided that it would be in Dipolog City since its were we grew up but becuase of this war mother expressed of wanting to transfer here in Cebu of which i dont like. Cebu is too crowded and a lot of crimes happen every now and then. It's not so safe here slowly its becoming like Manila.
Anyways, im hoping that the government would do something and come up with an (black and white) aggreement with the MILF to put end to this war becuase a lot of innocent people wasted lives already especially the children.Afterall we came from one country and with us runs a filipino blood.

Meme na mindanao is actually a good video to show to the world, its very inspiring, a tool for campaign of unity ,peace and order.

Question? What do you think about the war in mindanao? will this end? Do you think it is possible for the muslim to conquer and make MINDANAO as an autonomous region? Your opinion is highly appreciated by posting a comment.

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