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September 28, 2008

CPDRC Dancing Inmates 2008

Wow! I was amazed... for the first time I was able to watch CPDRC DANCING INMATES live for FREE! before i only watch them through youtube, but when a friend of mine tell me that we can watch the dancing inmates live at CPDRC I was really like wow.. it made's me so excited least i could get a photo and a video of them using my fancy mobile phone.

I also learned that these inmates has their own individual passbook which means all them are earning even if they are inside the cell. Why because they have livelihood projects inside at least that would keep them busy and at the same time earning.CPDRC is way too far clean and has very good management unlike other jails here in Cebu City. If you guys want to watch them live, try to read our local news paper "sunstar" because they will post an add (schedule of the show, time and date). Usually you have to go to the right side of Provincial Capitol(you can ask the guard)for the registration and visitors pass. A bus will pick you up and drive you to CPDRC Kalunasan, there's no entrance fee,your allowed to bring snacks and camera or video cam.

For those who have car, i suggest after your registration in Capitol you can bring your car with you at CPDRC so that you don't have to wait the bus to pick you up when the show is done because usually the show will end up late 5:00-6:00 pm or beyond. For convenient sake.

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