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October 29, 2008

Bohol Beach Club Escapade

Last Saturday me and my friend decided to go to Bohol Beach Club. I've heard of this resort before but I never get the chance to visit the place.
It's Saturday morning when we decided to make a totally unplanned trip to Bohol, we were such in a hurry that time to get to the pier if we can possibly catch an early afternoon trip since we cannot stay longer therefore we need to make use whatever time we had.
Luckily we were able to catch up the 1:45 afternoon trip of Weesam fast craft. From Tagbilaran it took us 20-30 minutes to get to Bohol Beach Club. Well the resort was good,it has complete amenities and most especially very relaxing but we were not so pleased with the service they had towards their customers.
We were all set to check out at 11:00 o clock in the morning even though the usual time for check is 12:00 noon, this is because we planned to used their internet facility first to check Cebu Pacific Schedule, so we called up front desk if there's any way for us to get an internet access from our room since my friend got a laptop.
The operator told me i can buy a card for 90 pesos at the front desk then we can get an internet access, so i walked through the front desk immediately after putting down the phone but to my dismay the front desk attendant told me they have no 90 pesos available and only 400 pesos card available. I head back to our room and bring nothing.
We tried at business center since that's the option that was given to us by the front desk attendant, but then again the lady in charge told us internet connection is down so there is no way for us to use it. Last but not the least we tried to ask their help to get us the Cebu Pacific office number through using their telephone but instead of making a call to the operator just to ask the number she referred us to the front desk again which i think is not a good move.
They let their customers walk back and forth for just a simple task to do. It's like frustrating because that resort was kind of famous and we thought they got good personnel who knows how to treat and pleased their customers right so that customers would have the reason to recommend their resort to some friends or families or leave a good impression so that customers would keep coming back but it's different and theirs no reason for me to go their again.
Lastly, we noticed that when you are inside the resort, we had this feeling like they'll make you broke, because room rates are quite high, everything you ask to do something has a charge as in nothing is free worst of all some personnel is lack of initiative.
Not really a good trip at all. Sorry but this is just based on my personal experience with this resort.I was able to visit a five star resorts here in Cebu like Shangrila and Hillton and they are way too far in terms of service.

October 23, 2008

Which Work's Best Wordpress vs Blogger?

I'm actually confused and wants to know which work's best between Wordpress vs Blogger? I also post this question actually started a forum to blogcatalog since I want to know bloggers opinion about this one for the reason that I will soon buy a domain name and pay for hosting but as to what template should i be using I cant decide yet.
So to gain answers and to help me decide over this matter, i decided to blog about this and hoping to get opinions from my valued readers and fellow bloggers. I also tried signing up at wordpress and honestly i find it a little difficult compared to my experience when i first start blogspot. But infairness to wordpress they offer more features (plug-in) than blogger.
So please drop me a line or comment if you got something to say about this post and i would like to thank you in advance for doing so. Here's what other bloggers respond to this post I know for sure your opinion could help to newbie bloggers like me.

October 22, 2008

Dismayed to BPI Phone Banker

Yesterday, i recieve my BPI classic credit card. I was waiting for this few weeks ago from my application. I told my bestfriend about the credit card i got and we immediately proceed to Ayala Shopping Center. Well, we plan to purchase a samsung tv with samsung dvd player. Were actually both excited as to what model of tv should we purchase.
My first choice was 20" inch sony bravia that will also serve as pc monitor but it was way too expensive and we both find it impractical to buy it now since the purpose of buying a television is only to watch what the television can offer us. Now everything was being tested to see if theres any factory defect and after that its all set and ready to deliver.
Upon reaching the counter, the sales attendant told me that my card is not working, and they need another card,i was quite unsure if the attendant did the right thing becuase that was the first swipe i ever made. So i ask her to swipe it again and she say the same thing. This time i was quite anxious becuase i dont have that much cash on hand and i dont have any other cards too.
So we called up customers service by dialling the toll free number of Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) to consult my credit card situation. It took time for us to get to the phone banker and when i finnaly speak to him, he first verify if the credit card is mine and after that, i told him my problem of why theres an error in swiping.
He told me i cannot avail the special installment plan (SIP) becuase my card is only good for straight payment and he can offer me no other options aside from waiting a year to increase my credit limit which also mean i can reallocate half of my credit limit to SIP and by hearing that I felt dismayed due for a fact that i cannot avail the 12 months zero interest which defeat my purpose.
Actually im not a new BPI customer and it is my first time to experienced this situation after banking with them for the past three years. So i guess i'd rather surrender this card and maybe switch to Citi bank but im gonna think about it first before applying one and this time i'll make sure that i clarify all my concerns to the bank before using it so there will be no pulling out again.

October 20, 2008

Two million dollars for a tip?

Sounds unbelievable! Two million dollars just for a tip.Woah.. im going crazy men if this happens to me and neither to you.I was really moved by this person's character.
Here's the story, there's a couple both from New york and the wife is some kind of "queen of vanity" very ambitious, all she wanna do is get rich but take note she doesn't work for a living,she's always busy polishing her nails,fixing her hair,dressing up like she's a celebrity and worst very demanding and a greedy wife.
On the other hand the husband is exactly the opposite of his wife's attitude.He is like a "perfect" husband that anybody could have.He is a good cop. He loves to help people from all walks of life,a very good listener,responsible,a man who keeps his word and most of all a man who prefer to live a simple decent life rather than being rich.
One day, he and the other police officer decided to have a coffee in the corner, a minute after their coffee was serve there was an alarm that they both need to respond and so they have to leave right then and there.
The good officer wants to give a tip to the waitress but unfortunately he got nothing on his wallet but only a piece of lotto ticket.(wanna guess) What he did was that he gave this lotto ticket to the waitress and tell the waitress that if he won he will give half of the winning amount.
The waitress actually thought that this officer is crazy but to make the story short she kept the lotto ticket. That night the result was drawn and announce from the television. The good officer and his wife actually had an arguments about money,in fact he's not into lotto only that day he bought a ticket because his wife instructed her to do so but theirs this two digits that the officer changed.
Well... shortly after their argument the lotto draw starts and the wife was sitting in front of the TV checking if her numbers are the one's being broadcast. Luckily all numbers were right and they just won 4 million dollars that night.
Should i continue or you know what's next? uhmm well the good officer went to the waitress early in the morning and told her the good news that they won and he will have half of the winning amount which made the desperate but very good waitress cried. She cant believe it that somebody would gave her 2 million just for a tip. This tip actually helped the waitress a lot.
The greedy wife of course filed a case against her husband (divorce) and the waitress just because of the money and she won the case and left her husband and the waitress penniless but that's okay because one night at the waitress coffee shop, rain was so heavy and theirs this one person who disguise as a beggar, this beggar is asking for food and since the good officer and the waitress are together that time,even if its unholy hour,even if their coffee shop is no longer operating (after loosing the case), both of them offered food to this beggar.
The beggar felt the sincerity and purity of these two people. What these two people don't know that from that simple act being a "good Samaritan" helps them changed their live a day after that. They were published to newspapers from all over their country and they started to received bundles of letters with money inside each letter of encouragement, hope and admiration.
They were happy knowing that people believes in them being innocent of his ex wife accusations, and was given the chance to live happily ever after just like a fairy tale and it could happen to you.

October 19, 2008

Cebu Blogger Society in Partnership with Samsung

Yesterday was a big success for Samsung launching their new innovate phone at SM Cebu. Fun Club Day of Samsung was a lot of fun! Me and my officemates and other senior citizens were there hopping on Samsung booth just to get the freebies such as tshirts,thumbler and bags. :-). uhmm not just that, Samsung sponsored Parokya ni Edgar to make a show.

Last night, we were the early birds to grab a sit closer to the stage since my friend Dexter won a VIP ticket for two. Cebu Blogger Society fellas was there to blog about the event, they didnt go through questions and answer just to have a vip ticket so see, thats a good thing of being a member of CBS plus they get a freebies like jacket (nice one) and i dont know whats the other thing in black.

By the way the new mobile phone that samsung promotes was really cool! I was able to explore it when we were hopping at thier booth, it is the samsung version of Iphone of mac.

I took videos( and pictures of the gig:

Philippine Association of Social Workers Inc.(PASWI) @ 60

In celebration of 60th year anniversary of Philippine Association of Social Workers, Inc (PASWI)a national convention will be held on November 19-21, 2008 at the Hotel Supreme along Magsaysay Road in Baguio City with a theme:" Nurture the Lessons of the Past, Towards Convergence of Action"
The said event will be gathering of around 1000 social workers from all over the Philippines from various works settings and sectors who are working in the rest of the islands of the country. The convention aims to discuss emerging trends and issues that will be of aid to Social workers in their practice in relation to global and local realities.
Social workers from all over the Philippines and colleagues from the International Federation of Social Workers are invited to participate in this important big event.
A chance to meet and socialize our fellow social workers from other parts of the Philippines. For other social workers who want to attend and dont have the invitation please log in to

October 15, 2008

Which is safer Bottled water vs Tap water?

Water is vital for good health and a long life. Although you can live for days without food, your survival depends on drinking water. Each and every cell needs water to perform its essential functions.
(source: Doc. Maoshing secrets of longevity).

Looking back at our ancestor's time, they were able to reached the age where the present generation cant, tap water plays a big part to the persons longevity of life. But when the hazards about tap water is getting out, bottled water gains tremendous popularity.

Choosing between tap and bottled water is ultimately a personal decision. You may not want to base your decision only on the taste.Bottled water is not necessarily cleaner or safer than most tap water - from the conclusion of Bottled Water: Pure Drink or Pure Hype"- of the Natural Resources Defense Council's new study on contaminants in bottled water.

Most bottled water is okay, says NDRC attorney Eric Olson, some brands may present threats to vulnerable subpopulations because they contain microbial contaminants. According to the report, bottled water consumption has tripled in ten years, with sales reaching $4 billion annually. Yet, bottled water is required to meet standards that are different than those for tap water.

Bottled water quality is regulated by the Bureau of Food and Drug Administration (BFAD) while the drinking water system follows Philippines and Environmental Protection Agency regulations.(for further information please do some research on community water.

We suggest that you take an empty water bottle or your favorite sports bottle, rinse it thoroughly and fill it with tap water. If you object to the chlorine taste, just keep the bottle in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours. The chlorine taste will dissipate.

So is bottled water safer than tap water? Tests have discovered that some bottled waters contained more chlorine by-products than surface and ground waters. And the pesticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals that are found in household tap water are appearing in bottled water with alarming frequency.

The Natural Resources Defense Council report on the subject concluded that, "there is no assurance that bottled water is any safer than tap water." Throw into that mix that plastic containers contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which leach into your water. Skip the plastic bottles for storing. Instead store in glass bottles, and for water-on-the-go, get a reusable thermos.

October 14, 2008

Chasing deadlines at work?

The last time i can remember chasing deadlines was submitting my fourth quarterly report early this year. I always make it a point to submit reports on the table of my supervisor before the deadline comes since she is very particular about it.
But sometimes it can't be help that you cant meet-up with the schedules that you made because of the fact that there are things or unexpected situations that we need to respond and by responding to the unexpected situation means delaying on the planned schedules.
This is true especially if your in the government,you cannot say no to people who ask for your help especially if these people are really in need of immediate assistance or intervention, also if these people are the one's who is accompanied by somebody with a higher post in the government (very common right?).
Going back to my topic, today i actually spend the whole day facing my laptop and doing social case summary reports, referral to an agency, and my accomplishment report for the third quarter of this year. I was hoping i can finish everything before five o'clock today but I wasnt able to make it becuase lots of clients come's in and out in the office and I entertained some, once in a while i stand up to pick up phone calls but thats okay.
It's part of the package :-). Thats why sometimes if i got something important to do and have deadlines i usualy isolate myself from any possible disturbances,i even shut off of mobile phone so i can concentrate and be able to make it on time. I still am happy knowing that im still "mission accomplish" today even if i went home late and i missed my work out.
Discipline and organized papers plus a sort of journal that keep's track on my daily activities helped me speed up in making my report.

October 12, 2008

Blogger's Networking now in Cebu

Who: Attention to all bloggers in the City of Cebu
What: The Club is organizing a fellowship/
networking event where e-commerce industry players and
bloggers can catch up and exchange updates.
Where: At the Teatro Casino, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino,
1st Sallinas Drive Lahug, Cebu City.
When: This coming October 23, Thursday, 6 - 11 in the evening.
How: Just post a reply by clicking the link below
Dont miss the chance bloggers to meet your fellow bloggers on this event. It's one way of meeting your online and offline friends.Best thing of this event is that its FREE!! big smile.... See ya..

October 10, 2008

Way's to Spot a Dishonest Date?

You know what guys, the good thing about blogging for me is that everyday it force me to write something to update my post.Since my mind is not really working right now, i just search for a topic which is also interesting especially to ladies.

So here we go, Telling lies is a normal part of everyday life. People tell small lies to make themselves more likable or to spare other people's feelings.

However, it's when the lying gets out of hand that it becomes harmful to a budding relationship. If someone you are dating repeatedly lies to you for their own personal gain, you need to be aware of it. By becoming a better lie detector, you can prevent others from taking advantage of you, both literally and emotionally.

Eager to know HOW? According to Dating expert Caroline Presno, Ed.D., P.C.C. ,

There are eight ways to spot a liar:

1. Eyes aflutter. When people lie, their blink rate tends to go up.

2. The eyes have it. Conventional wisdom says that liars don't look you directly in the eye. And sometimes this is the case. However, research shows that practiced liars will actually give you more eye contact than people telling the truth!

3. Frankly, my dear. People who lie often feel the need to draw your attention to their trustworthiness. They may preface statements with words like "honestly," "frankly," and "truthfully." They're also likely to make assertions such as "I would never lie to you" and "I'm not lying."

4. Cool and casual. Most people expect liars to be nervous, but practiced liars know how to act casual while weaving a web. They may have their feet up or be slumped down in a chair as the lies flow.

5. Behind the smile. A liar's smile is different from a truth-teller's smile. According to research, true "enjoyment smiles" are so big and bright that you'll notice a crinkle around the eyes. These authentic smiles last for less than five seconds. The "masking smile," or lie smile, tends to last longer than five seconds, doesn't involve the eyes, has a hint of negative emotion, and may be crooked.

6. Sticking to it.
Good liars stick to the true parts of their story as much as possible and insert lies at key points.
Good liars stick to the true parts of their story as much as possible and insert lies at key points. If you suspect you're being lied to, don't be fooled into thinking that the whole story is true, even if you can confirm that parts of it are true.

7. Derailed by details. Liars often try to divert you from their falsehoods by detailing you to death. They'll get you so bogged down by the minutiae of the story that you lose track of what they're saying or you get tired of listening. Never hesitate to ask for clarification if the story seems confusing or doesn't add up.

8. It's not me, it's you! If you catch someone in a lie, they'll frequently try to turn it back on you. "You must be crazy. I never said that!" or "You must have memory loss because that's not the way it happened."

Now that you know, be a better lie detector person :-)

October 9, 2008

Why Fitness First? Why wellness?

As a member I was able to enjoy the following;

  • They help more people get results with more than 1.4 million members worldwide
  • Access to 15 Fitness First clubs and 2 Fitness First Platinum clubs in Phillipines & over 500 clubs worldwide
  • Over 3,000 Group Exercise Classes a month
  • FREE Personal Training worth PhP1500
  • FREE Starter Kit worth over PhP1500
  • FREE beverages
  • FREE VCD rental
  • World class cardio equipment with personalised audio and visual entertainment
  • Luxurious Changing Rooms
  • Sauna and Steam rooms
  • Convenient Parking
  • Extended Operation Hours

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us at fitness first. An opportunity you should not miss. Here wellness comes first.

October 7, 2008

Do you know what Espresso is?

A coffee addict would like to share you about espresso? Least we can differentiate espresso from frappucino and to other coffee kind of mixtures and what are they made of;
First and foremost, espresso is a rapid method of brewing that
uses pressure, not gravity, to brew.
Espresso also refers to a blend of beans specifically formulated
for use in espress machine.
In addition, espresso refers to a roast color.
Finally, espresso (or more properly cafe espresso) refers to
the concentrated, flavorful "essence" brewed from the beans.
The amount of coffee used is roughly2/3 the amount used
for a single serving of drip coffee, but with far less water
(45ml vs.180 ml for a cup of drip coffee).

October 6, 2008

Is Philippines safe from Chinese tainted milk scandal?

Today, while checking my hotmail account, this news regarding the very controversial China MILK SCANDAL has not yet been resolve. The news from msn say's that China has ordered more than 5,000 inspectors to be posted at its dairy factories, as the tainted milk scandal continued to impact countries as far away as South America. Such a big mess and i think if this will continue it will do no good to their country's economic status.

The nation's food safety watchdog dispatched the round-the-clock inspectors to dairy factories across the country to make sure produce complied with food safety standards. Chinese milk was found to be tainted with melamine, an industrial chemical normally used to make plastic and fertilisers. Melamine, when added to watered-down milk, makes it appear richer in proteins than it really is.

China is the major trading partner of Southeast Asian nations. Countries like Hongkong, Myanmar, Guyana, South Korea warned its population against using Chinese milk and pulled off Chinese dairy products from the market.

Beijing now is calling the public to play a part in supervising the food safety. Philippines on the other hand tried to do some remedy of these tainted milk product its not strictly regulated, scrutinized and banned, but as to how safe our foods now that remains to be seen because i am not sure if our government pulled off all the Chinese made milk and dairy's. It is only right that authorities should be harsher now towards violators.

Effects of newbie to blogging?

Being a newbie to blogging made me think of resigning from my post again.. (kidding) I'm not John Chow yet so i guess i should keep my job first. I'm just getting addicted to blogging lately, and i want to blog about anything and everything that concerns and interest me most.
Right now while I'm typing its already 1:14 am so obviously blogging mades me come into the office late. Yes! i know that being a blogger I should discipline myself as well, I should probably slow down a little but well this is me, I'm sort of aggressive, I wont stop until I'm not done and satisfied with what i did.
They say I should make blogging only a hobby. So I'll take that piece of advice from my friend Atty. Zigfred Diaz of .
Till then.... because I'm sleepy now.

What is your sexiest and best body asset?

Bold and daring question? No! There's nothing to be shy.. comm'n tell the whole wide world your sexiest and best body asset? Personally i received compliments most on my boobs(great shape and size), smile (great smile), hair ("rebonded" balik ayos thanks to tony and jackey) and butt look good on jeans, Brown eyes ( tantalizing), I guess that's all for my self. What about you?

October 4, 2008

October as Childrens Month

Octobers is known and declared to be as Childrens Month. Tomorow, October 5, 2008 sunday at Cebu City Sports Complex the launching for childrens month will be conducted by the Cebu City Commission for the Welfare and Protection of Children. This will be participated by the eighty barrangays of Cebu City. So expect a parade of children wearing colorful tshirts and this month would also mean a lot of activities for children and our office Department of Social Welfare Services will once again be more busy.
The following are things to take note;

Proclamation No. 46
Reaffirming the Commitment to the Universal Child and Mother Immunization Goal by Launching the Polio Eradication Project

Proclamation No. 74
Declaring the 17th Day of October of Every Year as National Children's Month
Proclamation No. 267
Declaring the Month of October of Every Year as National Children's Month
Proclamation No. 731
Declaring the Second Week of February of Every year as "National Awareness Week for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation"
Proclamation No. 759
Declaring the Fourth Week of march of Every year as "Protection and Gender-Fair Treatment of the Girl-Child Week"
Proclamation No. 855
Proclaiming the Adoption and Implementation of the Philippine Program of Action for Children in the 1990's

Sauna vs Steam bath

I first experienced Sauna and Steam bath at fitness first Ayala (good thing im a member).Well i was like confused where to? Sauna or Steam bath, but then i end up using both (smile). After my work out, i took a shower then proceed to Sauna after 3 minutes or so I transferred to Steam bathing.
I like both honestly and as to health benefits i guess the two has its own advantage and disadvantage. Overall it was awesome.
I would like to continue doing this, i mean getting healthy so be with me as i want to discover which is more good Sauna or Steam bathing. According to my research ( would like to give credit to There is sometimes confusion between the terms 'steam bath' and 'sauna.'
Many people think they refer to the same thing. Not so. Even though they both are hot baths, one uses dry heat while the other uses moist heat.
Both offer many health benefits there is a major differences. Health benefits include losing weight, cleansing the body of toxins, lowering cholesterol, relieving the symptoms of arthritis and treating respiratory problems like bronchitis and laryngitis. Sounds like a miracle cure, doesn't it? Some of these claims may be exaggerated, but others may have sound scientific foundations. Let's take a closer look...
The sauna has very low humidity. This means it can be much hotter than a steam bath. Saunas are usually between 80°C and 100°C while a steam bath is usually about 40°C. If the steam bath was any hotter than this it could scald the skin, but the dry heat of the sauna is safe.

Saunas are heated with stones placed on some kind of heater -- usually electric or wood-burning. From time to time, water is poured on the stones that produce a thick cloud of steam. This has the effect of raising the temperature in the sauna by several degrees, but the steam quickly dissipates.

A steam generator, on the other hand, heats steam baths. The steam is fed into the almost airtight room where it builds up to create humidity level of around 100%.
Advantages / Disadvantages
Both have therapeutic benefits. They are good for blood circulation and can cleanse and rejuvenate the skin through heavy perspiration. They are good for easing muscle tension and promoting feelings of relaxation and well-being.

Some people find the dry heat of the sauna to be uncomfortable to breathe. Those with respiratory problems like sinus congestion and asthma may prefer the moist heat of the steam bath. Steam inhalation is often used for treating bronchitis, sinusitis and allergies so people with these conditions may benefit from steam baths.

So now we know the difference and its still okay to use steam and sauna,you can choose which one do you prefer, personally im comfortable to sauna and steam bathing will use them alternately.
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