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September 16, 2008


A lil stuff i did after feeling f_cked up with my life.. I was like bored and felt like a mess after doing so many things, trying to be happy, trying to move on everyday was like a battle for me to go through without even thinking of pain.
It was summer last year that me and my bro had nothing to do, we ended up playing my fancy phone N80. The subject was me and his my amateur photographer. After taking lotsa pictures, we decided to try put it on a slideshow and see how it works and boom.. it works just fine :-) That was also the first time for me to explore more about making slideshow with an audio. The hardwork pays tho.. That worthless day for me turns out to be a good one.

Question? What do you do when you dont feel good about your life, when you think everything seems turn up side down, when your brokenhearted or just simply feeling blue. Would you also go into this so called drugs, or hang out with friends and get into drinkking session?worst is suicide .Or you will do something that wont hurt you at all. Let me hear your opinion by posting a comment.

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