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September 21, 2008

Place to go in Cebu and Dumaguete

It was last week of August this year, Steve (Danish) a friend of mine came for a vacation and he stayed at Blue Water Resort in Maribago. I was not around when he arrived in Cebu because prior to his arrival me and my best friend’s family plan to have a road trip to Dumaguete.
It was just a perfect timing for us to make a trip to Dumaguete because it's weekend and a holiday on monday, another reason is that Zen want to witness again the activities or happenings at Siliman University Foudation Day(this is actually her first school in college).
We departed from Talisay at 8:00 o’clock Saturday morning and we arrived at Bato Lilo-an Oslob at exactly 10:30 in the morning, from there we took Matio Shipping we call it a “ro-ro” to transport us to Tampi Amlan Dumaguete with a regular fare per person of 35 pesos and the car fare is almost 800 pesos.
From Tampi it took us another 30 minutes to get to Harolds Mansion ( which is located at the heart of the City of Dumaguete. Late afternoon on that same day we went to Siliman University Zoo (tho we really don’t see a lot of animals there) we then proceed to the Matias Stadium where we met some friends from Cebu.
After a few chit-chats we drove and head towards Tasters Delights famous for their mouthwatering and affordable burgers. The day after, our schedule was to visit another zoo, fetch Zigfred at the port then will head to Forest Camp in Valencia. Early morning we went to check that other zoo somewhere in Candau-ay unfortunately it’s not a zoo because what we saw is ECO-garbage Zone. The smell was not good but the good thing is that, before it was a dumpsite and now it is a botanical garden with some animals in cage that is why it is sometimes mistaken us a zoo. That ECO- garbage in Candau-ay won an award (best practice in waste management). Shortly after we head back to the City and fetched Zigfred ( then we proceeded to Forest Camp.
What can I say about Forest Camp? It is a mountain resort and the ambiance is totally admirable ( At Valencia we were able to visit this place-->
It was on my second day that Steve called he wanted to see me. After two and a half days stay in Dumaguete we went back home taking the same route and means of transportation. Along the way, we were able to buy some special delicacies like
Torta”( Argao) and Crispy Pig Skin “chicharon” (Car-car).We really had a great time with our road trip till we reach back to Talisay.
The next day I finally met Steve at Starbucks SM mall. A few chit-chats again while waiting for zen to finish her class. When she arrived immediately we went to Mr.A restaurant at Busay because I was starving to death lol. We ordered a lot because I thought anyway I will be the one who will pay. But then again I was wrong and I felt a little bit ashamed when Steve insisted to pay.
In return we drove him back to Blue waters, now guess what? He’s our tour guide on that very late evening. It was my first time to get in and I was totally amazed with the uniqueness and the amenities that they have. Although it was late at night we still manage to order drinks, frozen margarita for zen and Singapore sling for me and I dunno what Steve’s got for himself. I was indeed thankful to him for showing us around (tour guide night shift) lol… It was a fantastic week for me.

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