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September 28, 2008

Be an Advocate on Violence Against Woman and Children

Why violence exist? Are you familiar with RA.9262 otherwise known as Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC). I ask around, my co-social workers and friends, gender and development focal person close to me about their ideas of why violence exist? Who is usually the perpetrator? Let us read what their opinions are;

Some of them told me that most of the perpetrators who inflict violence against their wife and children are also abused or experienced the same thing when they were a child. Psychologically this is true and some are having a hard times in coping up with their past experiences.

An international friend of mine told me that mostly perpetrators are men, and the reason why their is violence its because they don't respect their wives, what their wives is going to say and so on and so forth and that being the one who brings bacon to home is the only voice that a family should hear and listen too.

Some say's that women are nagger and that they are being beaten up because men don't want to listen all those sermons from waking up till going to bed.

Actually, what you read above are some reasons that truly caused violence especially here in the Philippines. But if we are going to tackle violence its gonna be a long story and it would also be good that you will be doing some research about this.

We in the government and NGO's are advocating to stop VAWC. That's why we have parents effectiveness seminar, trainings on empowering women, gender bias and our government also had programs and services for the children.

By the way, the picture posted above is a campaign tool to stop violence against women and children. If you know someone you think who is being abused by their husbands and father please don't hesitate to report that to your respective barrangays, Police stations, DSWS and DSWD.

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