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October 4, 2008

Sauna vs Steam bath

I first experienced Sauna and Steam bath at fitness first Ayala (good thing im a member).Well i was like confused where to? Sauna or Steam bath, but then i end up using both (smile). After my work out, i took a shower then proceed to Sauna after 3 minutes or so I transferred to Steam bathing.
I like both honestly and as to health benefits i guess the two has its own advantage and disadvantage. Overall it was awesome.
I would like to continue doing this, i mean getting healthy so be with me as i want to discover which is more good Sauna or Steam bathing. According to my research ( would like to give credit to There is sometimes confusion between the terms 'steam bath' and 'sauna.'
Many people think they refer to the same thing. Not so. Even though they both are hot baths, one uses dry heat while the other uses moist heat.
Both offer many health benefits there is a major differences. Health benefits include losing weight, cleansing the body of toxins, lowering cholesterol, relieving the symptoms of arthritis and treating respiratory problems like bronchitis and laryngitis. Sounds like a miracle cure, doesn't it? Some of these claims may be exaggerated, but others may have sound scientific foundations. Let's take a closer look...
The sauna has very low humidity. This means it can be much hotter than a steam bath. Saunas are usually between 80°C and 100°C while a steam bath is usually about 40°C. If the steam bath was any hotter than this it could scald the skin, but the dry heat of the sauna is safe.

Saunas are heated with stones placed on some kind of heater -- usually electric or wood-burning. From time to time, water is poured on the stones that produce a thick cloud of steam. This has the effect of raising the temperature in the sauna by several degrees, but the steam quickly dissipates.

A steam generator, on the other hand, heats steam baths. The steam is fed into the almost airtight room where it builds up to create humidity level of around 100%.
Advantages / Disadvantages
Both have therapeutic benefits. They are good for blood circulation and can cleanse and rejuvenate the skin through heavy perspiration. They are good for easing muscle tension and promoting feelings of relaxation and well-being.

Some people find the dry heat of the sauna to be uncomfortable to breathe. Those with respiratory problems like sinus congestion and asthma may prefer the moist heat of the steam bath. Steam inhalation is often used for treating bronchitis, sinusitis and allergies so people with these conditions may benefit from steam baths.

So now we know the difference and its still okay to use steam and sauna,you can choose which one do you prefer, personally im comfortable to sauna and steam bathing will use them alternately.

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