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September 29, 2008

What is myxstuff all about?

What does myxstuff means to you? why is it spelled as myxstuff instead of mixed stuff. Uhmm well, i just find it cool and unique at the same time.Google might even find it hard to index my blog site but with our technology and with your help (visitors) this will help myxstuff on the list not really aiming for number one.

Basically Myxstuff would like to be part of someone's life who find my post relevant and applicable to whatever aspect it may help you best.This site is to blog all kinds of stuff that im into,also i want you to be entertain to some videos that i personally take and upload.
So please have and let me know if theres something i can help you with (anything)by leaving a message on chatters corner or by posting a comment.

September 28, 2008

New! Cebu City Hall (Legislative Building)

The new CEBU CITY HALL (legislative building)

Be an Advocate on Violence Against Woman and Children

Why violence exist? Are you familiar with RA.9262 otherwise known as Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC). I ask around, my co-social workers and friends, gender and development focal person close to me about their ideas of why violence exist? Who is usually the perpetrator? Let us read what their opinions are;

Some of them told me that most of the perpetrators who inflict violence against their wife and children are also abused or experienced the same thing when they were a child. Psychologically this is true and some are having a hard times in coping up with their past experiences.

An international friend of mine told me that mostly perpetrators are men, and the reason why their is violence its because they don't respect their wives, what their wives is going to say and so on and so forth and that being the one who brings bacon to home is the only voice that a family should hear and listen too.

Some say's that women are nagger and that they are being beaten up because men don't want to listen all those sermons from waking up till going to bed.

Actually, what you read above are some reasons that truly caused violence especially here in the Philippines. But if we are going to tackle violence its gonna be a long story and it would also be good that you will be doing some research about this.

We in the government and NGO's are advocating to stop VAWC. That's why we have parents effectiveness seminar, trainings on empowering women, gender bias and our government also had programs and services for the children.

By the way, the picture posted above is a campaign tool to stop violence against women and children. If you know someone you think who is being abused by their husbands and father please don't hesitate to report that to your respective barrangays, Police stations, DSWS and DSWD.

Historical! Magellans Cross at Sto. Nino Cebu

Historical; Magellans Cross located at Sto Nino Cebu (full view)

Historical; Magellans Cross at Sto. Nino Cebu (inner view)

CPDRC Dancing Inmates 2008

Wow! I was amazed... for the first time I was able to watch CPDRC DANCING INMATES live for FREE! before i only watch them through youtube, but when a friend of mine tell me that we can watch the dancing inmates live at CPDRC I was really like wow.. it made's me so excited least i could get a photo and a video of them using my fancy mobile phone.

I also learned that these inmates has their own individual passbook which means all them are earning even if they are inside the cell. Why because they have livelihood projects inside at least that would keep them busy and at the same time earning.CPDRC is way too far clean and has very good management unlike other jails here in Cebu City. If you guys want to watch them live, try to read our local news paper "sunstar" because they will post an add (schedule of the show, time and date). Usually you have to go to the right side of Provincial Capitol(you can ask the guard)for the registration and visitors pass. A bus will pick you up and drive you to CPDRC Kalunasan, there's no entrance fee,your allowed to bring snacks and camera or video cam.

For those who have car, i suggest after your registration in Capitol you can bring your car with you at CPDRC so that you don't have to wait the bus to pick you up when the show is done because usually the show will end up late 5:00-6:00 pm or beyond. For convenient sake.

Live! Hawaiian Luau Plantation Bay

Watch them live at Plantation Bay Resort!

Funny Video (cooking shrimp)

Have a good laugh guys! Truth is,we ate all of what the chef cooks that day it was really delicious! ^_^

September 24, 2008

Be entertain with Hawaiian Luau of Plantation Bay

Cebu The Queen City of the South” known for nice beaches with complete high tech amenities and great customer service.
For tourist and locals you do have a lot of choices on where to stay.

Things to do;
o Do the inquiry; google search if you don’t know the website, if found, check and explore the website and try to note down the important details such as contact number, who to talk to, rates, and stuff like that.
o Confirm; after checking the site and find it okay then have it book online, other way of booking is through telephone calls. For online booking don’t ya ever forget to confirm your booking or reservation so it won’t be given to other people.
o Make your plan; now that booking is confirmed make your plan like what to bring (ready all the credit cardsJ), where to go.
o Travel light; travel light always, just bring what is important when you travel. Don’t forget to bring a small kit for your medicine if you’re taking some, like maintenance. At the hotel / beach always keep your personal belongings safe.

One of the amazing beach resort in CEBU is Plantation Bay;

Truly international: Opened in late 1996, Plantation Bay has already had over half a million visitors from every corner of the globe. Virtually all of them agree that this is one of the best resorts they've ever been to. Experienced travelers in particular will feel right at home at Plantation Bay. English is spoken throughout the resort; we also have Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Spanish-speaking staff members.

Be entertain with the “ Hawai-an Luau" of Plantation Bay. (for more vedios of Hawaiian Luau pls click here(
This international resort hotel is ideal for vacation and or any occasion. For more information about Plantation Bay, please click the link or copy paste it to another browser. (

Enjoy your stay!

Values Orientation Workshop

Hey guys! ill be gone for three days starting tomorow September 24-26, 2008, till friday for I am going to attend the Values Orientation Workshop. Will blog more about it as soon as i arrive.

September 23, 2008

HUGE ENTRECARD CONTEST - 70000 Credits and Lots of Other Prizes to be won

Attention to all members of , there's a HUGE trully HUGE contest with a great prizes awaiting for you. so what are you waiting for... hurry and make a blog about the contest becuase the deadline is October 10, 2008. Who knows of us will be fortunate enought to make it to the first prize since everybody is aiming it just like I do. Although I am new member on entrecard but i do hope i get the luck if not on first then maybe consolization will do. So please if you want to join then make a blog now about the Huge Contest.

The sponsors we will be giving away more than 70,000 Entrecard Credits and lots of other great prizes. There are many ways to win this contest, but first take a look at the prizes:
1st Prize:
30,000EC from
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Other Prizes:
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Good luck to all the members!!

September 22, 2008

How to be a Fitness First member

I am pretty sure that all of us experience different kinds of stress. Maybe you are stress with your bulging belly, sagging skin, low endurance, wants to loose and gain weight. Now is the time for change to do what you ought to do to achieve the nice sexy curve or to keep yourself healthy, young ,fit and active. Remember stressor is any stimulus producing mental or physical stress in an organism.
One thing I know to combat stress is exercising or do some "work out " and speaking of anti stress and work out? Let me introduce you to Fitness First (

How to be a Fitness First member? Obviously you have to go to the nearest fitness first in your area (for thier location and more information click the given link above or copy paste it to another browser).
In fitness first, you can choose from two kinds of membership the Lifestyle Membership which is minimum of 12 months and or the Premiere Membership minimum of 4 months. The payment actually varies, for example in my case I am a mercury credit card holder of citibank so I was able to get more discount plus another discount of enrolling today because they had a September promo at the same time launching promo of thier new kit that will help you keep track the progress (ie. your weight, level of endurance and etc.)
In the kit there is also a guide of what are the foods that should be taken during your work out program. Lastly, you will be recieving the FITNESS FIRST FREEBIES....

Stay happy and healthy guys if you believe that "health is wealth".

September 21, 2008

Place to go in Cebu and Dumaguete

It was last week of August this year, Steve (Danish) a friend of mine came for a vacation and he stayed at Blue Water Resort in Maribago. I was not around when he arrived in Cebu because prior to his arrival me and my best friend’s family plan to have a road trip to Dumaguete.
It was just a perfect timing for us to make a trip to Dumaguete because it's weekend and a holiday on monday, another reason is that Zen want to witness again the activities or happenings at Siliman University Foudation Day(this is actually her first school in college).
We departed from Talisay at 8:00 o’clock Saturday morning and we arrived at Bato Lilo-an Oslob at exactly 10:30 in the morning, from there we took Matio Shipping we call it a “ro-ro” to transport us to Tampi Amlan Dumaguete with a regular fare per person of 35 pesos and the car fare is almost 800 pesos.
From Tampi it took us another 30 minutes to get to Harolds Mansion ( which is located at the heart of the City of Dumaguete. Late afternoon on that same day we went to Siliman University Zoo (tho we really don’t see a lot of animals there) we then proceed to the Matias Stadium where we met some friends from Cebu.
After a few chit-chats we drove and head towards Tasters Delights famous for their mouthwatering and affordable burgers. The day after, our schedule was to visit another zoo, fetch Zigfred at the port then will head to Forest Camp in Valencia. Early morning we went to check that other zoo somewhere in Candau-ay unfortunately it’s not a zoo because what we saw is ECO-garbage Zone. The smell was not good but the good thing is that, before it was a dumpsite and now it is a botanical garden with some animals in cage that is why it is sometimes mistaken us a zoo. That ECO- garbage in Candau-ay won an award (best practice in waste management). Shortly after we head back to the City and fetched Zigfred ( then we proceeded to Forest Camp.
What can I say about Forest Camp? It is a mountain resort and the ambiance is totally admirable ( At Valencia we were able to visit this place-->
It was on my second day that Steve called he wanted to see me. After two and a half days stay in Dumaguete we went back home taking the same route and means of transportation. Along the way, we were able to buy some special delicacies like
Torta”( Argao) and Crispy Pig Skin “chicharon” (Car-car).We really had a great time with our road trip till we reach back to Talisay.
The next day I finally met Steve at Starbucks SM mall. A few chit-chats again while waiting for zen to finish her class. When she arrived immediately we went to Mr.A restaurant at Busay because I was starving to death lol. We ordered a lot because I thought anyway I will be the one who will pay. But then again I was wrong and I felt a little bit ashamed when Steve insisted to pay.
In return we drove him back to Blue waters, now guess what? He’s our tour guide on that very late evening. It was my first time to get in and I was totally amazed with the uniqueness and the amenities that they have. Although it was late at night we still manage to order drinks, frozen margarita for zen and Singapore sling for me and I dunno what Steve’s got for himself. I was indeed thankful to him for showing us around (tour guide night shift) lol… It was a fantastic week for me.

Lets go Videoke @ K1 KTV Bar

I just want to share with you about my experienced in K1 Family & KTV bar located at Banilad Crossroads Cebu City. I guess many of you had gone to this place.
September 17, 2008 (after my work) when a friend of mine told me to try K1 KTV bar for a change because usually if both of us are together we end up finding restaurant where we can eat or shall I say food freak kindda person.
Restaurant hopping is not my kind of thing, but my friend Zen is quite good at that. Ask her and she knew a lot of really nice fancy restaurants here in Cebu on top of that she’s a good cook and that is one advantage of being a food freak( she watch and she hops).
Anyway back to my topic K1, I used to pass this place before and till now but I never get the chance to get in there. So what happened was that we arrive there around 5:45 in the afternoon, I dunno if were lucky or zen knew it already that there’s a promo from 5:00pm – 8:00pm customers at K1 will be able to avail that 250 peso promo per hour and the whole amount is consumable. Meaning to say the 250 pesos which is normally the hourly rate for using their KTV bar will be good as free and that you can order food and drinks that would also reach 250 but if you order more than 250 then that’s up to you already. Beyond 8:00 pm the regular rate will apply and that is 250 pesos for using the KTV bar plus another payment for the food and drinks that you order.
It was clean, spacious, air conditioned, odorless KTV bar. Why I say odorless because some KTV bar that I had visited is not really well ventilated, not so clean and worst is that you can still smell the smoke of a cigarette.
The funny thing here is their quite big remote control (its like shoe size 9-10), at first I was really laughing and find it difficult but we learned later on, everything from making food orders, asking assistance from the attendant if you don’t know something, choosing a song you just press the shoe size remote control and right away the attendant will be knocking on your room.
It is how K1 KTV bar work's for their customers. One last thing they will take a picture while you are singing ( for free ) as a souvenir but you have the option to say NO if you don’t want too.

Alay Lakad 2008 (Walk for A Cause)

Waking up early has always been an issue to me ever since when I was kid. Today September 21, 2008, sunday) is supposedly a rest day for me but since we had this annual activity dubbed as

Alay Lakad or Walk for A Cause 2008

I was up at around 5:30 in the morning again. The assembly area was at Sto Nino Church and we headed towards Cebu City Sports Complex it’s where the program officially open and guess what the complex was totally full packed of people. This is because Alay Lakad 08 was participated by almost all government and non government sectors in the City of Cebu.

I was impressed in today’s activity it's not just because were obliged to attend but I saw a lot of people there who really stayed till the program was done, because usually after the attendance especially the student and the working mothers will be gone, but today is different.

Another thing I would like to commend is the presence of our beloved Mayor Tommy Osmena and first lady Margot Osmena with them is Cebu’s North Cong. Raul Del mar. The main purpose of this activity is to raise funds through donations for the Cebu City Out of School Youth,giving them the opportunity to be educated and be a better citizen in the future.

Now I would say my(others) lil sacrifice (waking up early and walking with them) was worth it. It is one way of showing support to my fellow youth out there.

I hope to see you guys next Alay Lakay 2009.

September 16, 2008

Wny war Why not Peace ! Meme na Mindanao

Lately, we've heared the news about the attacked of Morro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to different cities, town and municipalities in Mindanao. I then remembered the time wayback elementary years, our school was being attacked while we are having our class, that attacked of an unknown group of men with a gun and a mask on their face (like bandits)was one of the unforgettable event of my life especially the feeling I and my classmates had. Shortly after that incident, Dipolog City was also on red alert, check points was being set up to some posible areas where terorist can get a way to our small city. But by gods grace no bombings really happen at the heart of the city only in Ipil which is now part of Zamboanga Sibugay.
This war between Christians and muslims is one thing i would like to put end since i am from mindanao too (but im not god) and it's not easy to negotiate with muslims. Personally im confused where to buy a house of our own, me and my sister decided to avail the housing loan of Pag-ibig and we decided that it would be in Dipolog City since its were we grew up but becuase of this war mother expressed of wanting to transfer here in Cebu of which i dont like. Cebu is too crowded and a lot of crimes happen every now and then. It's not so safe here slowly its becoming like Manila.
Anyways, im hoping that the government would do something and come up with an (black and white) aggreement with the MILF to put end to this war becuase a lot of innocent people wasted lives already especially the children.Afterall we came from one country and with us runs a filipino blood.

Meme na mindanao is actually a good video to show to the world, its very inspiring, a tool for campaign of unity ,peace and order.

Question? What do you think about the war in mindanao? will this end? Do you think it is possible for the muslim to conquer and make MINDANAO as an autonomous region? Your opinion is highly appreciated by posting a comment.


A lil stuff i did after feeling f_cked up with my life.. I was like bored and felt like a mess after doing so many things, trying to be happy, trying to move on everyday was like a battle for me to go through without even thinking of pain.
It was summer last year that me and my bro had nothing to do, we ended up playing my fancy phone N80. The subject was me and his my amateur photographer. After taking lotsa pictures, we decided to try put it on a slideshow and see how it works and boom.. it works just fine :-) That was also the first time for me to explore more about making slideshow with an audio. The hardwork pays tho.. That worthless day for me turns out to be a good one.

Question? What do you do when you dont feel good about your life, when you think everything seems turn up side down, when your brokenhearted or just simply feeling blue. Would you also go into this so called drugs, or hang out with friends and get into drinkking session?worst is suicide .Or you will do something that wont hurt you at all. Let me hear your opinion by posting a comment.

September 15, 2008


I was employed until early this year that I decided to resign from my post. Reminiscing the times that I was still employed, well my first six months was actually a battle of adjustments since that was my first job after getting my license in social work.
The office wasn’t new to me at all because I took my practicum under the same office, but the people and the dynamics in working under the government is totally new and seems like frustrating and at the same time a lot of lessons to learn for a neophyte.
I tried to go with the flow on how the government system works, to be at my best professional behavior in getting along with the people at work, I did my best in almost everything but I guess my best wasn’t enough( sounds familiar).
As time goes by, I felt that something deep inside is troubling me and what’s worst is that it’s progressing. I do not know if I was too serious with my job that I can really feel the burden and how affected I am when I get scolded for the fault that was not mine, for doing all I can in order for my client’s family to be at least well, or maybe because I find the law (R.A. 9344) opposite to my conviction and some principles in life.
I’m basically the kind of person who will give my best to what I am task to do, but just like anybody else I admit I do had shortcomings in some things and needs to be corrected in order for me to deliver service effectively and efficiently. I’m a neophyte and needs to learn more but please …. respect and deal me in a professional way that you yourself don’t want to feel how I feel especially at work.
Feeling unhealthy and unproductive at work plus personal problems made me resigned from my post as my last recourse. So I thought everything ends up there already, Absolutely NOT, (check this out) even if I’m no longer connected with the office I’m working with, I still hear rumors and stories which speaks nothing but the lie. In this case I did not entertain whatever feedbacks I got out from my resignation because I don’t want to be affected and be stress again. Not anymore.. I had enough.
Next of the story was being BUM which means for like five months no work, during those times I enjoyed it very much, you know why? It’s because I was less stress and I’m the boss of my time. I did my own thing which I’m passionate about… its making a trip outside the Philippines for the first time (Thailand).
I was also able to spend time with my family, especially I was there prior to the birthday of my supermom which is very unlikely of me for the past eight years because I was also busy before being a student till I get a job. So it was a great time indeed.
The not so good side of being bum is that your penniless, sure enough I had no income, but still I survive. I just like to note down here that after a month from my resignation I start eyeing for a job still in line with my profession and luckily around three agencies wants to hire me, but I reject it because for a fact that my status was being recalled from the office where i resigned so I waited my government job for five months and here I Come…. I’m already here now with a new assignment and should i say a better fighter,by saying that I’m kinda like prepared and knows how to go with the people at work this time.

Good luck to me!

Question? What kind of government system do we have here in the Philippines and to be more specific here in Cebu. Are you contented with the programs and services they give to people like us? Any opinion?
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