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October 4, 2008

October as Childrens Month

Octobers is known and declared to be as Childrens Month. Tomorow, October 5, 2008 sunday at Cebu City Sports Complex the launching for childrens month will be conducted by the Cebu City Commission for the Welfare and Protection of Children. This will be participated by the eighty barrangays of Cebu City. So expect a parade of children wearing colorful tshirts and this month would also mean a lot of activities for children and our office Department of Social Welfare Services will once again be more busy.
The following are things to take note;

Proclamation No. 46
Reaffirming the Commitment to the Universal Child and Mother Immunization Goal by Launching the Polio Eradication Project

Proclamation No. 74
Declaring the 17th Day of October of Every Year as National Children's Month
Proclamation No. 267
Declaring the Month of October of Every Year as National Children's Month
Proclamation No. 731
Declaring the Second Week of February of Every year as "National Awareness Week for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation"
Proclamation No. 759
Declaring the Fourth Week of march of Every year as "Protection and Gender-Fair Treatment of the Girl-Child Week"
Proclamation No. 855
Proclaiming the Adoption and Implementation of the Philippine Program of Action for Children in the 1990's

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