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October 19, 2008

Cebu Blogger Society in Partnership with Samsung

Yesterday was a big success for Samsung launching their new innovate phone at SM Cebu. Fun Club Day of Samsung was a lot of fun! Me and my officemates and other senior citizens were there hopping on Samsung booth just to get the freebies such as tshirts,thumbler and bags. :-). uhmm not just that, Samsung sponsored Parokya ni Edgar to make a show.

Last night, we were the early birds to grab a sit closer to the stage since my friend Dexter won a VIP ticket for two. Cebu Blogger Society fellas was there to blog about the event, they didnt go through questions and answer just to have a vip ticket so see, thats a good thing of being a member of CBS plus they get a freebies like jacket (nice one) and i dont know whats the other thing in black.

By the way the new mobile phone that samsung promotes was really cool! I was able to explore it when we were hopping at thier booth, it is the samsung version of Iphone of mac.

I took videos( and pictures of the gig:

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