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October 22, 2008

Dismayed to BPI Phone Banker

Yesterday, i recieve my BPI classic credit card. I was waiting for this few weeks ago from my application. I told my bestfriend about the credit card i got and we immediately proceed to Ayala Shopping Center. Well, we plan to purchase a samsung tv with samsung dvd player. Were actually both excited as to what model of tv should we purchase.
My first choice was 20" inch sony bravia that will also serve as pc monitor but it was way too expensive and we both find it impractical to buy it now since the purpose of buying a television is only to watch what the television can offer us. Now everything was being tested to see if theres any factory defect and after that its all set and ready to deliver.
Upon reaching the counter, the sales attendant told me that my card is not working, and they need another card,i was quite unsure if the attendant did the right thing becuase that was the first swipe i ever made. So i ask her to swipe it again and she say the same thing. This time i was quite anxious becuase i dont have that much cash on hand and i dont have any other cards too.
So we called up customers service by dialling the toll free number of Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) to consult my credit card situation. It took time for us to get to the phone banker and when i finnaly speak to him, he first verify if the credit card is mine and after that, i told him my problem of why theres an error in swiping.
He told me i cannot avail the special installment plan (SIP) becuase my card is only good for straight payment and he can offer me no other options aside from waiting a year to increase my credit limit which also mean i can reallocate half of my credit limit to SIP and by hearing that I felt dismayed due for a fact that i cannot avail the 12 months zero interest which defeat my purpose.
Actually im not a new BPI customer and it is my first time to experienced this situation after banking with them for the past three years. So i guess i'd rather surrender this card and maybe switch to Citi bank but im gonna think about it first before applying one and this time i'll make sure that i clarify all my concerns to the bank before using it so there will be no pulling out again.

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