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October 6, 2008

Is Philippines safe from Chinese tainted milk scandal?

Today, while checking my hotmail account, this news regarding the very controversial China MILK SCANDAL has not yet been resolve. The news from msn say's that China has ordered more than 5,000 inspectors to be posted at its dairy factories, as the tainted milk scandal continued to impact countries as far away as South America. Such a big mess and i think if this will continue it will do no good to their country's economic status.

The nation's food safety watchdog dispatched the round-the-clock inspectors to dairy factories across the country to make sure produce complied with food safety standards. Chinese milk was found to be tainted with melamine, an industrial chemical normally used to make plastic and fertilisers. Melamine, when added to watered-down milk, makes it appear richer in proteins than it really is.

China is the major trading partner of Southeast Asian nations. Countries like Hongkong, Myanmar, Guyana, South Korea warned its population against using Chinese milk and pulled off Chinese dairy products from the market.

Beijing now is calling the public to play a part in supervising the food safety. Philippines on the other hand tried to do some remedy of these tainted milk product its not strictly regulated, scrutinized and banned, but as to how safe our foods now that remains to be seen because i am not sure if our government pulled off all the Chinese made milk and dairy's. It is only right that authorities should be harsher now towards violators.

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