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October 29, 2008

Bohol Beach Club Escapade

Last Saturday me and my friend decided to go to Bohol Beach Club. I've heard of this resort before but I never get the chance to visit the place.
It's Saturday morning when we decided to make a totally unplanned trip to Bohol, we were such in a hurry that time to get to the pier if we can possibly catch an early afternoon trip since we cannot stay longer therefore we need to make use whatever time we had.
Luckily we were able to catch up the 1:45 afternoon trip of Weesam fast craft. From Tagbilaran it took us 20-30 minutes to get to Bohol Beach Club. Well the resort was good,it has complete amenities and most especially very relaxing but we were not so pleased with the service they had towards their customers.
We were all set to check out at 11:00 o clock in the morning even though the usual time for check is 12:00 noon, this is because we planned to used their internet facility first to check Cebu Pacific Schedule, so we called up front desk if there's any way for us to get an internet access from our room since my friend got a laptop.
The operator told me i can buy a card for 90 pesos at the front desk then we can get an internet access, so i walked through the front desk immediately after putting down the phone but to my dismay the front desk attendant told me they have no 90 pesos available and only 400 pesos card available. I head back to our room and bring nothing.
We tried at business center since that's the option that was given to us by the front desk attendant, but then again the lady in charge told us internet connection is down so there is no way for us to use it. Last but not the least we tried to ask their help to get us the Cebu Pacific office number through using their telephone but instead of making a call to the operator just to ask the number she referred us to the front desk again which i think is not a good move.
They let their customers walk back and forth for just a simple task to do. It's like frustrating because that resort was kind of famous and we thought they got good personnel who knows how to treat and pleased their customers right so that customers would have the reason to recommend their resort to some friends or families or leave a good impression so that customers would keep coming back but it's different and theirs no reason for me to go their again.
Lastly, we noticed that when you are inside the resort, we had this feeling like they'll make you broke, because room rates are quite high, everything you ask to do something has a charge as in nothing is free worst of all some personnel is lack of initiative.
Not really a good trip at all. Sorry but this is just based on my personal experience with this resort.I was able to visit a five star resorts here in Cebu like Shangrila and Hillton and they are way too far in terms of service.

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