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October 6, 2008

Effects of newbie to blogging?

Being a newbie to blogging made me think of resigning from my post again.. (kidding) I'm not John Chow yet so i guess i should keep my job first. I'm just getting addicted to blogging lately, and i want to blog about anything and everything that concerns and interest me most.
Right now while I'm typing its already 1:14 am so obviously blogging mades me come into the office late. Yes! i know that being a blogger I should discipline myself as well, I should probably slow down a little but well this is me, I'm sort of aggressive, I wont stop until I'm not done and satisfied with what i did.
They say I should make blogging only a hobby. So I'll take that piece of advice from my friend Atty. Zigfred Diaz of .
Till then.... because I'm sleepy now.

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