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October 20, 2008

Two million dollars for a tip?

Sounds unbelievable! Two million dollars just for a tip.Woah.. im going crazy men if this happens to me and neither to you.I was really moved by this person's character.
Here's the story, there's a couple both from New york and the wife is some kind of "queen of vanity" very ambitious, all she wanna do is get rich but take note she doesn't work for a living,she's always busy polishing her nails,fixing her hair,dressing up like she's a celebrity and worst very demanding and a greedy wife.
On the other hand the husband is exactly the opposite of his wife's attitude.He is like a "perfect" husband that anybody could have.He is a good cop. He loves to help people from all walks of life,a very good listener,responsible,a man who keeps his word and most of all a man who prefer to live a simple decent life rather than being rich.
One day, he and the other police officer decided to have a coffee in the corner, a minute after their coffee was serve there was an alarm that they both need to respond and so they have to leave right then and there.
The good officer wants to give a tip to the waitress but unfortunately he got nothing on his wallet but only a piece of lotto ticket.(wanna guess) What he did was that he gave this lotto ticket to the waitress and tell the waitress that if he won he will give half of the winning amount.
The waitress actually thought that this officer is crazy but to make the story short she kept the lotto ticket. That night the result was drawn and announce from the television. The good officer and his wife actually had an arguments about money,in fact he's not into lotto only that day he bought a ticket because his wife instructed her to do so but theirs this two digits that the officer changed.
Well... shortly after their argument the lotto draw starts and the wife was sitting in front of the TV checking if her numbers are the one's being broadcast. Luckily all numbers were right and they just won 4 million dollars that night.
Should i continue or you know what's next? uhmm well the good officer went to the waitress early in the morning and told her the good news that they won and he will have half of the winning amount which made the desperate but very good waitress cried. She cant believe it that somebody would gave her 2 million just for a tip. This tip actually helped the waitress a lot.
The greedy wife of course filed a case against her husband (divorce) and the waitress just because of the money and she won the case and left her husband and the waitress penniless but that's okay because one night at the waitress coffee shop, rain was so heavy and theirs this one person who disguise as a beggar, this beggar is asking for food and since the good officer and the waitress are together that time,even if its unholy hour,even if their coffee shop is no longer operating (after loosing the case), both of them offered food to this beggar.
The beggar felt the sincerity and purity of these two people. What these two people don't know that from that simple act being a "good Samaritan" helps them changed their live a day after that. They were published to newspapers from all over their country and they started to received bundles of letters with money inside each letter of encouragement, hope and admiration.
They were happy knowing that people believes in them being innocent of his ex wife accusations, and was given the chance to live happily ever after just like a fairy tale and it could happen to you.

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