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October 14, 2008

Chasing deadlines at work?

The last time i can remember chasing deadlines was submitting my fourth quarterly report early this year. I always make it a point to submit reports on the table of my supervisor before the deadline comes since she is very particular about it.
But sometimes it can't be help that you cant meet-up with the schedules that you made because of the fact that there are things or unexpected situations that we need to respond and by responding to the unexpected situation means delaying on the planned schedules.
This is true especially if your in the government,you cannot say no to people who ask for your help especially if these people are really in need of immediate assistance or intervention, also if these people are the one's who is accompanied by somebody with a higher post in the government (very common right?).
Going back to my topic, today i actually spend the whole day facing my laptop and doing social case summary reports, referral to an agency, and my accomplishment report for the third quarter of this year. I was hoping i can finish everything before five o'clock today but I wasnt able to make it becuase lots of clients come's in and out in the office and I entertained some, once in a while i stand up to pick up phone calls but thats okay.
It's part of the package :-). Thats why sometimes if i got something important to do and have deadlines i usualy isolate myself from any possible disturbances,i even shut off of mobile phone so i can concentrate and be able to make it on time. I still am happy knowing that im still "mission accomplish" today even if i went home late and i missed my work out.
Discipline and organized papers plus a sort of journal that keep's track on my daily activities helped me speed up in making my report.

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