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March 22, 2009

My real gun firing experience

Firing is one thing I wanted to try it myself long before. But do you know that firework’s and guns are also the things that I don’t want to keep. These two different things produce sounds that make me scared to the point of covering my ears and closing my eyes that’s how I am when I was a kid.


As I was making a draft for my blog, I remember my teenage days, it is the time where a kid like me was so curious about so many things around me. Just like any kids I do have a lot of fears but by circumstances I was able to conquer some of my fears.

Well so much for that, me and my officemates has this long time plan to try firing. If I remember it right this was like a 2008 plan, but to no luck or maybe everybody was so busy with individual schedules we weren’t able to make it happen. The owner of the firing range is the father in law of Siegfried so I guess anytime we want to do the firing we could really make it. We just need to loosen a bit with our work schedules.

January this year when I first experienced the real gun firing with professional instructor, at first I was hesitant because I don’t know if I can do it, but my friend RC owner of the guns I’m using keep on challenging and insisting to try, I kept on saying no and next time but somehow at the back of my mind something is telling me the opposite, why should I not try anyway if this is the only way not to fear gun anymore in my whole life so then I took RC’s challenged.

As a newbie of course I do not know the do’s and don’ts of holding a gun, when to engaged, what’s the proper position and stuffed. A lot of basic things to remember when you’re at the firing range or when you’re carrying a gun in public and one of those is to “always consider your gun loaded”.

I was able to used two different kinds of 45 caliber and M16 the one with sniper. I wowed after seeing my alpha’s shots, it’s not that Im boasting but according to the instructor im easy to teach with and quite a good shooter even if im just a newbie and if I just keep practicing I can even join the BACTUS competition as RC wants me to join but im not confident enough and its gonna be so soon.

Oh boy.. another one heck of experienced.Im starting to get addicted to firing and might as well get a gun for myself nyahaha.. Im just kidding. Least now I know how to used gun. It feels so good to get into the firing range, it also helps to release your anger. Enjoy watching my vid and if you want to join our next firing adventure, do leave a message at my chatters box or a comment for me to contact you. Godbless us all!


  1. whoa! astig hehe like it..

  2. thanks for droppin by tzay

  3. Ah ngiga chang2x ah naa may pusil hehehehe :-)


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